Mp State Park
Photo courtesy of Michelle Parson


Arnold is a very active community, and we love hearing feedback from our residents, visitors, extended families, and communities near and far. We often hear things like “How did you do that,” or “We want to be like Arnold,” or “We love Arnold, it feels like home,” so we decided to share a few of these comments with you.

We’d like to hear about your experience in Arnold. Send it to us using our online contact form. We may use it in our marketing materials and on our website.

Bob Hult

We observed the eclipse at your park at the south end of town on Monday 8/21. What a beautiful area. Our impression of Nebraska as a huge flat cornfield has been changed!


Buzz Lohmiller

I was first introduced to Arnold in the fall of 1984, thanks to a dear friend whom I had met in Panama during my last year of active service in the US Army. John Rhodes was 20 years my senior at the time; he had retired from active military service years before and was now ending a full career as Federal Civil Service Employee. John and I became good friends, in part because of our mutual love of the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, and the shooting sports.


David Carpenter

I am involved in open road racing and travel to many areas of the country for my events. August each year brings us back to Arnold, NE, and one of the “Friendliest Places on Earth!” The people in that surrounding community are always so giving and helpful in every aspect of our time there. It has to be part of their core values to be so genuine!


Jason Howe

I grew up in Lincoln, NE, but spent many days during the summer, and other times of the year, in Arnold. The people of Arnold genuinely took interest in this city boy. My Grandma and Grandpa Halstead were laid to rest in the Arnold Cemetery, and when I visit their graves, I look forward to the day that I, too, will be buried in Arnold.


Connelley Barton

Julie and I moved to Arnold 20 years ago next month. Last Monday, I turned 78 years old. The past 20 years have been almost like a rebirth for me.