Photo courtesy of Garald Horst

Photo courtesy of Garald Horst

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arnold Economic Development Corporation (501c3) is to generate economic health and vitality in the Arnold community for the well-being of our citizens through activities directed at employers, employees, and business activities that can be correlated to creating and retaining good jobs, increasing population, and enhancing opportunity and prosperity.

History of Arnold Economic Development

The Arnold community created Arnold Economic Development Corporation in 2002. A plan was developed of how Arnold would use the LB840 (Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act) sales tax of 1% if passed in 2006. The plan and the 1% sales tax were passed by 90 percent!

One of the first projects was to create the Arnold website which has over 100,000 hits per year! Also, an Economic Development Corporation director position and office were developed. Many local businesses have used the loan and grant program to increase their businesses. Advertising, education, and marketing are other resources available to Arnold businesses.

2020 AEDC Board Members


Karen Horst


Josh Flint

Vice President

Brent Garrison


Vicki Ambler


Andrew Tickle


Melissa Sandager


Cassy Delosh