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Photo courtesy of Garald Horst


“Arnold High, Arnold High, we will fight for you or die…”

—School Fight Song

The Arnold Alumni Association was reorganized in 1953 and has been an active organization since that time. An annual banquet is held each year on the Saturday of Memorial weekend. The Alumni News, our annual newspaper, is published each April and mailed to those who have paid their yearly dues. The Alumni Directory is published every five years. The last edition was published in 2007 and lists every Arnold graduate along with their current address. Few small towns can claim an alumni organization as active as ours. Though many of us have lived out our lives in another place, we still call Arnold “home.” And while our organization mainly concerns itself with, well, ourselves, with catching and keeping up with the friends of our youth, we contribute to the community; we regard ourselves as ambassadors for the community; and we recommend Arnold to all people looking for a great place to raise a family.