David Carpenter

I am involved in open road racing and travel to many areas of the country for my events. August each year brings us back to Arnold, NE, and one of the “Friendliest Places on Earth!”

The people in that surrounding community are always so giving and helpful in every aspect of our time there. It has to be part of their core values to be so genuine! I’ve heard them exclaim that they don’t understand why all of us come so far to visit their small part of the world! My explanation is not easy to express. Our group of several hundred come to Arnold just because of those small-town values. Most of us come from big cities and from all across this country! It is such a breath of fresh air for us to visit Arnold and the surrounding area!

We don’t see the same hard-working values from where we come from! Yet in Arnold, it just seems like a way of life!

We travel to many cities in our lives…but the welcome mat in Arnold is the biggest I’ve ever seen!

David Carpenter
Pres. D. Carpenter Holdings, Inc.
Carpenter-Sells LLC
Parker, CO