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The Arnold Public School Foundation was formed in 1995 to provide funds for education, including funds for scholarships. The foundation has a six-member Board of Trustees to oversee the investment and disbursement of funds. Funds received by the foundation will be used for scholarships or to enhance the educational system of Arnold Public Schools, which is North Centrally Accredited.

Persons interested in making a donation should contact Arnold Public Schools or visit with his or her personal attorney, accountant, life insurance representative, or banker. Donors will receive an acknowledgement and be recognized on the Foundation Plaque of Honor as follows:

  • Donor = $500-$999 gift
  • Friend = $1,000-$2,999 gift
  • Patron = $3,000-$4,999 gift
  • Benefactor = $5,000 and up gift

In addition to cash donations, the foundation encourages bequests in wills, memorials, establishment of trusts, assignment of insurance proceeds, donation of real estate, stocks, and collectibles. The Arnold Public School Foundation is a public charity, so donors may receive a tax advantage for donations.

In 2013, only one $1,500 scholarship was given to Arnold Public School graduating senior, one for a four-year college/university student.