Sandhills Classic Arms, Inc.

The husband and wife team of Jeff and Debbie Bowers established a new business in Arnold in March of last year, with help from an Arnold Economic Development Corporation LB840 Loan.

Sandhills Classic Arms, Inc., loacated at 503 Cedar Street, provides guns smithing services and is a licensed manufacture dealer. The couple said the closest business with the same services is 80 miles away, and their customer base is from all over the U.S.A.

Jeff has been involved in the fire arms business since he was 15 years old. He was also in law enforcement for many years prior to being an auto mechanic. His career plans have always been to own his own fire arms business.

“This is a two-person business – husband and wife,” said Jeff. “We want to maintain a ‘hands-on’ relationship with customers at this time.”

The Bowers used the LB840 loan for construction and to finish the facility’s interior, including drywall, electrical, HVAC, security system and cabinetry.

Future plans for the business include a local and conceal and carry training, fire arms training, hunter safety courses and products for conceal and carry items, such as holsters, gun cases and many accessories.

The Bowers said having funds available through the AEDC was extremely important.

“It is wonderful to have funds available to assist small local businesses start up with low interest rates,” said Debbie. “We found it to be extremely helpful and friendly. It’s hard to find a financial source that supports the local businesses.”

“This loan put us two years ahead of our original business plan schedule. It is wonderful to know the money is from the community and going back to the community!”

The Bowers went to say that the local business and event advertising would not exist to the level that we are used to without the AEDC and the 1% sales tax. They believe the young families are coming to Arnold because it is growing with small businesses that are addressing the community’s needs. They said the Arnold website is a great resource for all to use and find what you need in Arnold.