Rent a House or Apartment

Buying isn't for everyone. Rentals in small towns can be difficult to find and change often, so we've assembled this list of contacts you can call to inquire about current availability.

Hotel Custer Apartments

Live and/or work downtown and enjoy the beauty of the renovated hotel to apartments and office suites. For more information, contact Geri Webb at (308) 660-1445.


Holly Hornung-Remund:  (605) 350-0064
 Neil & Diana Coleman: (308) 848-3394
 Geri Webb: (308) 848-2591
 Patty Goodenow: (308) 848-2738
 Donald Dailey: (308) 848-4421
 Dave & Sally Hilderbrant: (308) 539-2259
 Gary Crow: (308) 848-3361
 Jen Meyer: (308) 848-2555
 Maurice Andre: (308) 848-2972
 Mary Ayres (contact Marion Chesley): (308) 848-2500
 T.J. Elliott: (308) 730-3056
 Sandy Stockel: (308) 520-6990

If you are searching for a rental, we suggest starting by checking with the people listed above to see if they have any current or upcoming openings. Because things change quickly, we are not able to keep a list of everything that's available but we hope that this list helps put you in touch with someone that can help.