Mills Hardware

Terry and Dena Mills began Mills Hardware and Feed back in October of 1996. Their business, located at 103 East Arnold Ave., consists of the main hardware store, feed and lumber, and also a successful lawn spraying business. They serve an approximate 60-mile radius, bringing many people from other towns to Arnold. They employ six people and are very proud to be part of such a wonderful small town.

Not too long ago, Mills Hardware acquired a loan through the LB840 program that allowed them to purchase the Pacsoft point of sale system. This system was a very important tool that allowed them to modernize their system and become more efficient. Without this loan, they would not have been able to purchase the system.

Terry and Dena feel that the LB840 loan and the 1 percent sales and use tax is a great service that helps “Arnold to be more self sufficient and helps businesses to better themselves.” They would highly recommend it to other local businesses, and stress how well it improves business. Terry and Dena are always keeping things fresh and receiving new products to keep business thriving.

They feel that without the Arnold Economic Development Corporation and the 1 percent sales tax, ” Arnold would be a less progressive community, and it’s a good way to invest in ourselves.”