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Donating for the Betterment of Our Community

It’s the end of the year again, can you believe it? Where did it go? I for one can say it has gone very quickly! I have thoroughly enjoyed the last several months working as the director of the Arnold Economic Development Corporation (AEDC). I’ve learned some new things; met some new people; watched several businesses get started, relocate, or expand; and been part of a community choosing to continue to “Grow Great Things” by passing the revised economic development plan and supporting the LB840 city sales tax.

It’s incredible to think back over the years and see everything Arnold has been able to accomplish through its desire to stabilize, grow, and thrive. We are fortunate to enjoy a quality of life many communities struggle to achieve, giving a positive, supportive environment for our young children to grow up in. What a legacy to leave for our young, showing them the way to give back to our community and the power it has!

The AEDC is much like many of the individuals in our community; we love to give back. The AEDC’s purpose it to make sure this growth continues through community-wide efforts. We focus on helping our existing businesses grow and new businesses begin and by promoting Arnold through tourism and local events.

While many expenses and efforts are covered by the LB840 funds, there are some expenses that aren’t covered. Our ability to donate to groups and organizations in our community is one that is not an allowable LB840 expenditure.

We receive requests occasionally for financial help from local groups and organizations for special projects or services they would like to provide that would benefit those young and old in the community. We like to support their efforts but oftentimes cannot due to lack of funds.

Maybe you would like to donate to groups such as these in our community but aren’t sure who needs help or when to do this? There are many ways to invest in Arnold through donations, and the AEDC is one of them. Would you consider a tax-deductible donation to the AEDC to help us support these groups and encourage their continued activities? We can’t do it without you.

Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! Let us continue Growing Great Things in Arnold in 2016!

—Cheryl Carson, AEDC Director

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