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Classified Ads

Welcome to our free classifieds section. This page is intended to be a way for local residents to connect with each other quickly and easily. Read the ads below and be sure to tell them you saw their ad on our website!


The Rialto Theatre is looking for 2-4 volunteer projectionists. These individuals must have an aptitude for electronics and technology, must be dependable, and honest. Training will be in March and April. There is no age limit.

Mary Becker
(308) 530-7022

Cattle/Farm Helper Available

Arnold-area family man will provide cattle care or farm help to owner in return for living out of town on the farm or ranch and being able to raise our children on the ranch/farm. Neither husband or wife are smokers or drinkers. Both parents are farm/ranch raised. Wife works off site.

Experience with commercial cow/calf, high-risk, lightweight calves, yearlings on grass and feedlot cattle. Mix feed, run tractor, basic horse care, processing and doctoring cattle, check/haul water, basic fence repair, records-keeping. Some experience with small farming (plow, disk). 

Looking for a long-term commitment with a family/operation that wants attention to detail, hard work and honest dealings. Possibility of partnering if needed/desired. Know how to use horses to doctor or get the job done.



Looking for summer grass for pairs, 2018 and beyond. 

Eric Nelson
(308) 520-2391